Hi, I’m Justin Westbrook.

Welcome to my website and personal blog. I’m flattered that you found your way here out of the brazillions of other personal blogs and websites out there in the sea of internet.

In the very likely case that you don’t know much about me, I am a husband, father, soldier, and very enthusiastic blogger (among many other things). I’m into politics, writing, cooking, economics, cycling, and military issues.

This site is where I have consolidated my scattered internet presence into a focal location. From here you can read my blog, check out my other blogging projects, or find your way to my other online profiles (may I suggest following me on Twitter?).

There are some other things going on here at the site. It’s a process. For example, I’m constantly looking for new blogs (and bloggers) to read and introduce to my friends. I call them blogscoveries. Send me a message and I’ll come visit.

Thanks for playing!