Norwood Duathlon – Round 1

by Justin

Subtitle: “Slow is smooth, and smooth is…less painful than fast.”

I raced the first Norwood Duathlon segment yesterday and…

…wait for it…

…it was pretty cool.

I sucked at it though. Not unexpected. I haven’t been on any more rides this summer than I have fingers on one hand. ONE HAND!

The track was beautiful. 1.5 mi. run/8 mi. bike/1.5 mi. run, mostly along the Raquette River. Here’s my major time marks:

  • Exit T1 – 12:50
  • Exit T2 – 46:48
  • Finish – 1:01:36

I remember running into T1 at 11:10, which means I ran the first run at just under a 7:30/mi. pace, but I ran the last part in 14:48, which is a 9:49/mi. pace (which is poo). I finished the bike in 33:58 so….4:15/mi. on the bike. I have no idea what a good mile pace on a bicycle is, but that could NOT have been a good one.

It’s a four-race series, so I’m going to see if I improve. The last one I might push the kiddos on one or both of the runs. They would dig that.

Couple of notes about the race:

  1. I was not passed by anybody younger than eight years old, nor was I passed by anybody older than 58 (by my ad hoc age assessment procedure).
  2. On the bike, I was passed by a lovely young couple in their 50s shortly before getting a great downhill slope. I picked up some gears and pushed it down, but I got stuck behind the couple who just passed me and wanted to coast down the hill (why do people attack hills and waste downhill slopes? WHY?). What kept me stuck was I wasn’t sure about passing the both of them, or between them. I’ll have to read up on race passing etiquette. So instead, I chickened out and practiced drafting safely. She gave me a dirty look for that one…maybe I should have just passed her!

Next race is going to be fun. I’m looking forward to it.