Ceci n’est pas une fuite.

by Justin

It’s raining today, and I saw this in a parking lot.

Dang, another oil spill...

It was then that I realized how sick I was of hearing about oil spills, and this was just one more to add to the list, right?


But we’re thinking about THIS kind of “oil spill” these days…

Pensacola beach flooded with tar

Incoming tide mixed with gulf oil

I’m thinking there ought to be a better word for the gulf oil-well leak, other than “spill.” Something closer to “environmental catastrophe.”

I guess “the gulf oil environmental catastrophe” doesn’t really fit into headlines well. Too many characters?

I’m not calling it an oil spill anymore. What I saw in the parking lot is a “spill.” What I see on the news is NOT a spill.