Made in China, Fixed in The U.S.A.

by Justin

Yesterday was a sad day; the end of an era.

The 99¢ tongs I purchased six years ago at a “Nice & Easy” nearby Lake Nasworthy broke in half. The hardware that formed the hinge finally eroded and the tongs broke in half.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a big deal, but these are my FAVORITE tongs in the whole wide world.

I’m especially fond of them because I paid so little for them, yet they have lasted a long time. It’s the kind of thing you want to see how far it will go – how long it will last.

I’m also a little attached to them because of my fond memories of barbecues me and my friends had at Lake Nasworthy.

“I’m going to have to fix these tomorrow,” I told my wife.

Now she HATES hearing things like this, and I got the expected earful of complaints, along with a recounting of the LONG list of things I have yet to finish up (things I say that “I’ll have to fix tomorrow”).

I was unmoved by her protest.

Leaving the tongs alone on the counter, I went to bed. I rose early today determined to repair my treasured tongs.

I left for the hardware store and found a 7¢ machine screw, and a 13¢ nut.

Today, I have repaired my broken tongs for the low price of 20¢, which is a bargain compared to another pair of 99¢ replacement tongs.

But with those twenty cents, I have also purchased something more valuable than cheaply made tongs. I have purchased a WIN! On my long list of chores and household projects, there is at least one box I can mark with a big fat red X.

And that, friends, is well worth the investment.