Blind as a Bat, Man!

by Justin

I have always wanted to be really old.

I don’t exactly know why, but I’ve always wanted it. I wanted to walk with a cane and wear dentures. When I was younger, I looked for dye that would make my hair gray or silver.

Today I’m one tiny step closer to being and old fart. My aspirations of aging have been rewarded with some fancy new glasses. I’m just a little bit blinder than I was before.

Since around April I have been experiencing some weird symptoms, and I began to suspect an emerging vision problem. I began having headaches, blurry vision, lag when refocusing between near and far. I complained about not having enough light in a room or when reading. That sort of thing.

I dealt with the symptoms simply by ignoring them. My brother told me to take more breaks from my tiny phone screen and go outside.

I did a little bit of that.

I spent more time just ignoring the symptoms altogether.

I’d finally had it with the dim lighting and headaches, and finally visited an optometrist. Doc says I’ve got a very small case of Myopia, probably from working around screens so much (or maybe from reading fifty pages of tiny print from 1700s economics and philosophy manuscripts every night for the last two years).

My glasses arrived in the mail this week.

I’m giddy, naturally.