Grab a brush and put a little make-up!

by Justin

I thought this was ridiculous enough to show everybody. It’s my wake-up alarm scheme. Let me tell you how stupid it is.

5:30 AM – This is my alarm in case I’d like to wake up and get some exercise…maybe write a little bit. Useless!

6:00 AM – This is the alarm I use if I want to take my time in the morning. Maybe get a decent breakfast or a long shower.

7:00 AM – This is my “no-joke-get-up-or-your-kids-won’t-eat-this-morning alarm.” It’s pretty much the only useful alarm on this screen, and probably the only one I need to set every day.

8:15 AM – In case I ever need an alarm to prevent me from sleeping too late (notice it is not set…it never is.)

The only thing on here that isn’t completely bogus is the time on the top. 12:21 AM is a pretty realistic bed time for me. I took this screen-shot right before hitting the hay. A little thing I am surprised about is having this much phone battery before bed. I’m usually in the red.