Recommendation: Darths & Droids

by Justin

I am casually going back through a web comic series that I really enjoyed last year. I started it and wasn’t able to finish before my Fall mid-semester crunch commenced.

It is a fantastic serial web comic called Darths & Droids.

The premise is a recreation of the first Star Wars Trilogy storyline, as if it is being played as a role-playing game by unseen players and GM.

It’s got everything needed to satisfy this geek: Star Wars, comics, role-playing, and creator commentary that can sometimes be as funny as the comic content.

Now is probably an appropriate time to reveal my first real “links” sub-page here at the website. It is a collection of web comic links that I will continuously update as I stumble across fun new comics.

I hope you enjoy this comic as much as I have. Or maybe you’ll find something else that you may like at my Web Comics links page.