Paw Prints (100) (via Tales from the North Country)

by Justin

Playing with a not-so-new WordPress feature: Re-blogging.

I’m duplicating a 100-word story from another project I am working on: Tales from the North Country. I wrote it last winter after one of my first cross-country-skiing attempts.

If this works out, I’ll probably be duplicating all my work on other blog projects here at my personal blog, “One Thing Today, Another Tomorrow.”

Bon appetit!

I’m lost chasing Masters in this rotten blizzard. Luckily, he’s left good ski tracks in this field for me to follow. I can scarcely see anything in this snow. I’d better be catching him soon. I’m about spent. Some paw prints begin paralleling Masters’. They spread away and return to his trail often. I stop when Master’s trail terminates at a smear in the snow, where the paw prints converge. Blinking in the snow, I can’t find a ski, or a boot, or … Read More

via Tales from the North Country