I’m not really following you here…

by Justin

From my Twitter “suggested users” page:

Near the bottom of the stack was John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) and U.S. Army (@USArmy). I guess the Twitter engine suggests users based on the people you already follow on Twitter, and who they follow. You can see it shows which of the people I follow also follow the suggested users.

You can see that John McCain is followed by my pal, @CharlesRugg and by @waitwait (NPR’s Sunday program “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”)

The U.S. Army Twitter account is followed by blogger @cjgrisham, Clarkson ROTC ROO @ClarksonArmy, and 2008 V.P. candidate @SarahPalinUSA.

Let that sink in a second. Shouldn’t @SarahPalinUSA have come up as following @SenJohnMcCain? It made sense to me. What we’re not pals anymore?

There’s no way I know how to scour through McCain’s 1,717,258 followers to find out if Sarah Palin is in there, but I think it’s a little odd that she didn’t pop up here.

And if anyone is curious why I’m following Sarah Palin, I tell you this. If you are on Twitter, and you are NOT following Palin, you’re missing out on some laughs.