The Chariot

by Justin

I got a new toy! It’s handy for enjoying the summer outside with the kiddos, AND keeping up with some exercise.

I call it “The Chariot” – partly because I like the idea of playing Ben Hur (or…his horse?), and partly because I can’t think of a cooler thing to call it (tow-buggy? kiddie-rider?).

It’s a lot of fun. It’s lightweight, collapses down well to fit in the trunk, and it’s got room for two kids, which came in pretty handy today.

I was riding bicycles with my big guy on the nearby riding trail while his little brother cruised in the chariot. We’ve all had quite a busy week, and the big guy got pooped about midway through the loop.

Ordinarily, when this happens, I ask him to pedal to a place in the weeds where I like to stash his bike until I can come back for it in the car, but today we were riding opposite our normal direction, and that place was nowhere nearby. In addition to that, this was no ordinary “pooped.” This was “discouraged-sitting-on-pavement-and-sniffling pooped.”

A much more serious situation.

So I helped him into the chariot, and managed to set up this fancy rig. I wasn’t sure it would work at first, but there is space to wedge in the big guy’s front wheel behind the kid’s seat. The big guy slipped into a snooze as I took him the last mile or so in the chariot (you can see him passed out on the left-hand side as I rolled into the parking lot).