I’m seriously going to start a blog about windmills. No, seriously.

by Justin

Sure, I like windmills. Who doesn’t?

But apparently the most awesome thing this blog has to offer the internet is the banner image at the top of this page. A while ago, I wrote this post about where the banner image comes from and why I chose it. In the post I wrote the word “windmill” three times. Only three times!

But apparently whenever somebody does a search on the internet for a windmill, the internet drags them to my blog.

Check out the lifetime list of search terms that have led people to my blog. I’ve highlighted all the queries that include “windmills” (or “molinos” in Spanish).

80 searches! 80 out of 96 search queries included windmills! 83% of this blog’s random traffic is from windmill enthusiasts, which is crazy when you consider that this blog has very little to do with windmills!

I don’t know a dashed thing about windmills!

But I’ll tell you what. I see a niche here, and I’m seriously considering starting a blog entirely devoted to windmills. It’s a weird little niche blog idea, like this one about men with tiny chins, but I think I might roll with it.