I’ll see your anniversary cruise, and raise you fire-juggling weirdos! [photos]

by Justin

If you’d have told me this time last year that I would be spending my anniversary watching a pack of accordionist hobos in Vermont, I would have called you a bloody liar! And yet, where was I this August?

I was at the 3rd Annual Burlington Festival of Fools – an exciting international assembly of street performers. For this month’s photo set, I’ve got some images that I shot while on the streets of Burlington during my anniversary. Also going to link to some of the performer’s websites in the captions, so you can get the full picture (you see what I did there?).

Enjoy the photos, and if you can, DO NOT miss The Festival of Fools next year!

A crowd assembling on Church Street before one of the hourly street performances.

First act we noticed was this one-man band. Beat-box harmonica seems like a small feat compared to this guy's talent!


A very talented didgeridooist (didgeridooer? didgeridoodle?) on a corner. I later saw him at the library reading Financial Times. Only in Burlington!