August Frost (via Tales from the North Country)

by Justin

This time last year (about three days off actually), I wrote this poem after panicking when I saw frost on the ground outside in August!

This year is a totally different story. Today I’m coping with record highs. I am literally working at home, sitting 18 inches (minimum allowable OSHA distance) away from an air fan.

A big part of me is hoping to wake up to frost on the ground tomorrow…


Written 29 August 2009 after noticing the year’s first frost. August Frost I’m scared. I’ll tell you why I’m scared. There was frost on the ground this morning and it’s only the end of August. Three days ago it rained. Two days ago the sun and rain made a hot humid stink. Yesterday was fine, but today… Today, there is frost on the ground. Today, there was wind in the leaves. They scratched and shook in the wind and drifted down to the grass. I’ … Read More

via Tales from the North Country