Blogscovery: Daddy’s My Mommy

by Justin

Anybody remember what it was like during those last few months before you had your first child?

Yeah, me either…but a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough find this blog: Daddy’s My Mommy.

The author of the blog first introduced himself to me in a comment on a “Dad Life” post I wrote earlier in this blog. His name is Scott, and he’s going to be a daddy.

He’s going to be a stay-at-home daddy. My dream job!

Scott spends time in his posts documenting the details of preparing to have his first child: picking names, picking outfits, wrestling the baby’s car seat into his testy Volvo – all the fun stuff that comes with being a parent.

I expect the pace of his posts will slow down when the little bundle of joy gets here, but I look forward to him picking it up with all the neat things his baby is teaching him. Scott and his blog, Daddy’s My Mommy is a delightful read.

I’m happy to have met him, in a way, and pleased to recommend that you check out his blog.