Windmills, Windmills, WINDMILLS!!!

by Justin

One thing I’m really noticing writing this blog is how many people are utterly fascinated by windmills.

Seriously, windmills…

A while ago I wrote this post threatening to start an entire blog dedicated to windmills. Little did I know then that I already had…

At this time over 133 people have found my site (and viewed the post Quixotic) using the search term “windmills.” Let me give you some context. Every 1 in 5 of my blog visitors are windmill lovers.

I’ve even had searches for “windmills” in other languages drop people at the site now. No, seriously. Check this out (it’s from yesterday’s visitor stats):

See that third search term there…that’s Arabic for windmills. No joke, I can’t figure this out.

Somehow I optimized that image (which is also my header image) to come up near the top of about 2,080,000 image results for the term “windmills” on Google.

Believe it.

That’s my site, there in the lower red box. #18 of 2,080,000 images.

Apparently, I run a blog about windmills. Welcome windmill lovers!