The Intersection of Nerd and Yo’ Momma Slams

by Justin

I’m not ordinarily one for “Yo’ Momma” jokes, mainly because I’m awful at creating them.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty awful at creating any sort of joke.

But I do like jokes…especially nerdy jokes! That’s why when I came across this post at Economists Do It With Models blog featuring an SMBC comic that described how economists (and other nerdy professions) would go about telling “Yo’ Momma” jokes, I HAD to pause and check it out.

Sure, I’ll go ahead and post the SMBC image that started it all…

Somehow, the block that keeps me from making fun “Yo’ momma” jokes evaporated. Apparently, these jokes come to me in the context of geeky economics. I went to town on EDIWM Facebook link.

Here are the first few economics “Yo’ momma” jokes I posted right away. If you don’t get them, that’s okay…it might actually be sad if you do get them.

  • Yo’ momma’s so dumb, she thought Max Weber invented the backyard grill! OHHHhhhh….
  • Yo’ momma’s so dumb, she thought the efficient market hypothesis was the fastest way to get through the grocery checkout! OOOOOOHHHHhhhhh….

  • Yo’ momma’s so dumb, she thought maximizing utility was gunna raise her water bill! Hahahahaha…

After just these few, Jodi Beggs (EDIWM creator) replied with this encouragement:

That was pretty much all the encouragement I needed to post the rest of these jokes.

  • Your momma’s so old, she’s reached the point of absolutely diminishing returns!
  • Yo’ momma’s so dumb she thought “creative destruction” meant smashing a watermelon with an oversized mallet!
  • Yo’ momma’s so dumb, she thought the reserve currency was the mayonnaise jar of singles she keeps on top of the fridge! Zap!
  • Yo’ momma’s so dumb she thinks a deficit is a park bench for the hearing impaired!
  • Yo’ momma’s so dumb, she thought bond ratings had to do with the violence in spy movies!
  • Yo’ momma so dumb, she thought our chat about commitment signals meant I wanted to marry her!

Keep in mind these are not my proudest moments, but this is probably the most mileage I’ve gotten out of my economics degree since I graduated last Spring.