If You REALLY Want to “Save the Ta-tas.”

by Justin

The “I Like It On…” Facebook Status Campaign is the latest in a series of viral breast cancer awareness stunts (following in the spirit the bra color status update event and the “save the ta-tas” slogan).

The concept of the campaign is that ladies begin a Facebook status update with “I like it on…” and then mention where they like to keep their purse. Only they don’t mention their purse. The result is something akin to “I like it on the kitchen counter,” or some similar innuendo.

I myself tried to guess how far-fetched some of these updates could go, and eventually came up with my own.

I like it on a pedestal under spotlights in the department store, where it won’t cost me a nickel!

It was probably the best of a few different bizarre candidates that I had been thinking of. Here are some others:

I like it in a dusty box somewhere in my attic.

I like it anywhere I can get it, where my husband won’t go snooping.

None of these others really worked well, as I don’t actually have a purse. So I thought I’d pull the cranky husband gag.

It was a fun game, and a lot of people I know (and you know) had fun playing. Some people didn’t get it. Some people got it, but never made the big mental leap to actual breast cancer awareness.

I know I didn’t. Not until a dear friend of mine posted this status update:

I know many of you were just having fun with the purse thing, but if the idea is to truly promote awareness of this disease, (a disease that we women have a 1 in 8 chance of getting), how about a monthly reminder for your friends, both on and off Facebook, to do a breast self-exam? Not provocative, granted, but what is more sexy than saving a life?

That’s when stuff got real…

Even though I’m not really at risk for breast cancer, I know some one who is. She is very dear and special to me. My wife.

Odds are good that there is somebody dear and special to you too; a spouse, a sister, a mother, a girlfriend…

So here’s my effort at breast cancer awareness. Ladies, you know what to do. Check out those ta-tas. Early detection is probably the best chance you’ve got.

And gents: let your ladies know you care about them and ask them to do a self-exam. While you’re at it, when was the last time you checked your little dudes out? We’re supposed to be doing our own stuff too, even if we don’t get a cool viral Facebook gag to remind us. If you’re over forty, you should also be getting your prostate checked out, too. So go to the doc, and let him feel around and check out your behind.

My friend is right. These awareness games are fun (and so are the fun-runs and fundraisers), but we’ve always got to take the next step and start treating the cause seriously.

I’ll leave you to your privacy now, but don’t forget to share this sobering moment with your friends once you’ve finished checking yourself out.

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