World’s First “Super-Ku”

by Justin

I wrote the world’s first super-haiku, or “super-ku” today, sipping Earl Grey (hot) this morning at breakfast.

The sequence is still a 5-syllable line followed by a 7-syllable line, followed by another 5-syllable line, but it only stops when you want it to stop. The third line is the last line of the first “stanza” and also the first line of the second one.

I’m possibly working up to an Uber-Ku, where the first verse will be a 5-stanza super-ku, the second will be a 7-stanza super-ku, and…well, you get it, right?

Anyway, here’s the world’s first Super-Ku!

W.J. I

A bored lieutenant

Writes haiku and sits next to

A nervous airman

Sips lattes and sits next to

A fat contractor

Who stumbles and sits next to

A Kyrgyz waitress

Laughing as she sits next to

A twitchy marine

Who growls when he sits next to

A bored lieutenant…