Soldier, Citizen, Sapient

The first blog I ever began was called Soldier, Citizen, Sapient: A Diary of Three Duties. As my enthusiasm for writing social and political commentary swelled, the blog transformed into a full-blown project, It is now a forum for exploring ethical issues. At this blog, I work towards, as the motto states, forging and ethic of three duties.

“One Thing Today, and Another Tomorrow.”

You might already be familiar with my personal blog, One Thing Today, and Another Tomorrow as you are currently visiting it. Here I blog about fatherhood, my geeky passions, cooking and eating, and the variety of thoughts that I find significant enough to write about and share.

8BitDad: Daily Pixelated Paternity

Recently, I was lucky enough to land a contributor gig at, where I work with a great pair of guys who grew up mashing buttons and nursing thumb-calluses just like I did. Here we blog game and gear reviews, dad news, and other rad stuff.