Justin Westbrook

"One thing today, and another tomorrow."



Waiting in Kuwait 

Waiting as I write haiku

Guess I’m ‘Ku-waiting

World’s First “Super-Ku”

I wrote the world’s first super-haiku, or “super-ku” today, sipping Earl Grey (hot) this morning at breakfast.

The sequence is still a 5-syllable line followed by a 7-syllable line, followed by another 5-syllable line, but it only stops when you want it to stop. The third line is the last line of the first “stanza” and also the first line of the second one.

I’m possibly working up to an Uber-Ku, where the first verse will be a 5-stanza super-ku, the second will be a 7-stanza super-ku, and…well, you get it, right?

Anyway, here’s the world’s first Super-Ku!

W.J. I

A bored lieutenant

Writes haiku and sits next to

A nervous airman

Sips lattes and sits next to

A fat contractor

Who stumbles and sits next to

A Kyrgyz waitress

Laughing as she sits next to

A twitchy marine

Who growls when he sits next to

A bored lieutenant…



Nudder Epic WINsday!

A while ago, me and my boy Bleu started having WINsday events where we have frequent consecutive moments of WIN throughout the day. Little things that all add up to an awesome day. They also typically occur on a Wednesday for some reason (probably just for bonus WIN).

Anyway, it is customary to document the WIN, and share it with others. I spent today keeping a list and now I will share it with YOU.


1. Woke up and got a new assignment at my job. It’s a perfect fit for my skill set with lots of room to grow. Very excited to begin the new job in a few weeks.

2. Landed an early dental appointment, but I was re-scheduled last-minute this morning to another hygienist, who turned out to be very delicate and thorough. She also educated me on some awesome oral hygiene tips.

3. Nabbed the LAST walk-in appointment at the attorney’s office to get my will drafted. Okay, so writing a will is LAME and not really WIN, but there is normally a line around the building for these appointments and I’ve been trying for weeks to get an appointment. WINNING.

4. Delicious, felicitous, stupendous coffee today from a new coffee house. YUM!

5. Remember that will I JUST mentioned. The attorney-in-training that handled it was a friend that I made recently at my new job. I didn’t expect to find her here, but she squared me away with some great help. BASICALLY, my will is awesome (MWIA)!

6. Just checked in with Bleu on Facebook. He says: “I found my charger and brought life back to my phone/source of facebook. Plus, I’ve poop scooped the yard, 5 loads of laundry, dusted, vacuumed, and had a bowl of GoLean Crisp!…several epic WINS already here too! Definitely a WINday.”

7. Just got a text from the fam. The kids made me presents. Sweet!

8. Got a new pair of poopkickers! Sexy, non?


9. Got texty with my great friend and mentor Mike. All this before lunch time.

10. Chowed down on some tasty leftovers from last night (thanks for the awesome stir-fry recipe, AM!). Dined to the delightful atmosphere of machine gun fire and helicopters. Usually a WIN on this side of the world.

11. Got out of work a little bit early. Beat the afternoon rush hour. I’ll take it!

12. Got home and asked the kiddies what they wanted for supper. They asked for their favorite (and mine) spaghetti. I’m so glad that my kids like the dish I cook best.

13. Holy cow! My youngest just passed out in her spaghetti at the table. Guess she was sleepy! Got a photo and already sent it to mom. Probably put it on Facebook later.

14. Played Nerf darts with the kiddos before bed. Had an awesome shot that went over the kitchen table and knocked out the Jupiter on my kid’s Solar System mobile. Nailed it!

15. Kids were tired early so I rushed them off to bed. I’ll need the time anyway to finish this post and a few odds and ends before bed.

There! Did it! You see, the whole point of a WINsday is to add up all the tiny little moments of WIN that take place throughout the day. By logging it, you give significance to these tiny moments of WIN that you might otherwise ignore. When you’re seeking out all the good stuff in your day, it changes your attitude. Then MORE good stuff starts to happen, and you can recognize it because you’re in the zone.

This was a tiny discovery I made some time ago. I encourage you to have your own WINsday. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next Wednesday!


New SCS Post: Need My Soldier Friends to Review/Critique

I finished writing this post last night for The Soldier-Citizen-Sapiens Project about military professionalism and the civilian-military relationship. Would love input/criticism from my soldier (and former soldier) friends. Would even love input from my non-soldier friends. If you know a soldier, love a soldier, or even hate a soldier, drop in your perspective!